Plant-powered strength and comfort.

CLOVO Brand prioritise the following three sustainability areas:

Ingredients / Materials

Product & Production

Shipping / Post Packaging

Fun fact: CLOVO Brand are a team of women scientists and engineers making the undergarments industry more sustainable.

Five minutes with Clovo Brand

Created by women for women, CLOVO is a brand with a simple mission: to provide clothing and accessories that empower women and the environment through their long-lasting designs and use of natural materials. Based in Los Angeles, CLOVO started with the idea to make sheer tights both comfortable and sustainable, by designing tights made with plant-based materials for the ultimate comfort experience whilst still protecting our Earth.

 We sat down with Megan, the founder of CLOVO, to chat a bit more about how her background in physics and science led to the creation of their EverTights and RevoTights. We loved chatting to Megan and learning more about her passion for health-conscious fashion, and why each CLOVO piece has been carefully designed with both women and the environment in mind. Keep on reading to learn more about Megan’s story and the incredible work she is doing with CLOVO!

 Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started CLOVO?

 My background is in physics and engineering, so I never imagined myself working in the fashion industry. However, I've always thought of CLOVO™ more as a science of fashion company. In fact, we continuously perform life cycle analysis of our products to make sure we are leaving as minimal an impact as possible on the environment. 

Growing up, I wore sheer tights a lot with my school uniform, however they were awful as they sagged, itched, and ripped easily. I continued to wear tights in college but had enough and decided to do something about it. While in college, I was a lab assistant in a hydrochemistry lab focused on looking at chemicals in water systems and microplastics. Learning about the impacts that consumer products have on our direct environment was terrifying. With my personal discomfort wearing tights and the knowledge that tights are made from crude oil-based nylon, I decided to create natural, functional tights. This is where EverTights were born. They include a thin spandex short that eliminates sagging, adds durability, and makes them form fitting to all body types. These tights and RevoTights (without the short) are made from Tencel, a natural tree fibre sustainably produced in Europe.

We love that your brand vision is to create clothing and accessories to empower women and the environment. What does this mean to you and why is it important to your brand?

I believe that it is so important for every woman to feel comfortable in their clothing without having wardrobe malfunctions so that they can, in turn, feel confident. It is important that each CLOVO product is made with this inclusive mission in mind and that we offer inclusive sizing. Additionally, in terms of the environment, we aim to function without impacting the environment through planting a tree with each order, using recycled paper for our packaging, and of course, natural materials for our tights as much as possible. 

Can you tell us a bit more about why health-conscious fashion is so important to you and how your products are sustainably made?

Health-conscious fashion is so important to me because everything that we put on our skin can be absorbed, even the chemicals in clothing. Some of these chemicals can be very dangerous for our skin as they can include carcinogens that build up in our bodies over time. CLOVO's products are made sustainably from Tencel natural tree fibres that are produced in a renewable energy powered manufacturing facility in a closed loop production cycle.

What has been CLOVO's biggest success so far?

CLOVO's biggest success so far is redesigning tights with a spandex short design using natural materials. We have successfully completed a kick starter campaign and are launching new products soon. Our competitors utilize recycled nylon tights, which are still not good for the wearer or the environment.

What does the future hold for CLOVO?

CLOVO aims to innovate other unsustainable undergarments into ones that are more comfortable and made from natural material. We want to become the new age, sustainable Spandex.

Last updated: January 2022

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