Nature inspired conscious swimwear

VV Conscious Swimwear have a strong focus on all six sustainability areas but these are their top three:

Sustainability focus: business governance
Business Governance
Sustainability focus: materials used
Materials used

Fun fact:

The VV team interact with nature, and then produce nature inspired prints to raise awareness, but also reveal the rich art and beauty of our natural world. All prints are inspired from sea creatures, introducing new animal prints into the fashion world.

Woman standing on a rock near the sea
model standing near a rock showing a bikini
Two models wearing bikinis on a beach
two models wearing swimwear

The VV Conscious Swimwear philosophy is that while synthetic fabrics are perfect for the purpose for which they are used, their production is bad for the environment. We must change and become conscious producers and consumers.

Like other swimwear brands on Everything Sustainable, VV Conscious Swimwear use recycled and regenerated fabrics to create their bikinis and one pieces.

VV Conscious Swimwear collaborate with Healthy Seas, a nonprofit organisation who collect ghost fishing nets through underwater cleanups so they can be regenerated into brand new nylon yarn.

VV Conscious Swimwear source their Aquafil and OEKO TEX certified fabrics in Italy for quality assurance reasons.

The swimwear is produced locally in Greece and VV Conscious Swimwear pride themselves in genuinely aiming to control stock levels and therefore waste quantities. However, to make up for small product quantities they provide their customers with the option to express their interest for our out-of-stock items to be reproduced.

All other VV Conscious Swimwear products - such as accessories and packaging, are ecofriendly (biodegradable, recycled, regenerated or organic) and accredited by Eco Textiles Certifications.

Like other brands, VV Conscious Swimwear offer a recycling or repurposing service, with consumers able to return the swimwear they no longer use to encourage the minimisation of environmental waste

Last updated: January 2022

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