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Driven by people and the planet, 1 People is a Danish sustainable luxury brand that designs timeless and ethical clothing for conscious-minded women. Inspired by the minimalist Danish style, 1 People’s products are meticulously crafted to provide sustainable lifestyle essentials - at a fair price to both the consumer and for their artisans. 1 People’s dedication to people is further reflected through their commitment of donating 40% of their profits to their impact-driven social entrepreneur school, Business for Planet.

Five Minutes with 1 People

We sat down with the team at 1 People to chat a bit more about why the brand was established as a way of doing business differently, with a distinct focus on sustainability, transparency and fairness throughout its supply chain. We absolutely loved learning more about the incredible principles that 1 People is founded on, and how they are truly driving change in how businesses should be run.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started 1 People?

Jonathan Tjoa and Rea Tjoa Algreen founders of 1 People ignited their passion and commitment to create a better world through business and mindful leadership.

The concept of the company and name 1 People didn’t start as a fashion brand but rather as a way of doing business in another and better way - more aligned with people and planet. We wanted to start a sustainable business that would place itself between an NGO and a traditional company. We know that businesses have the means to make a huge difference in the world and we wanted to build our company with this as a mission. It was shortly after initial discussions on sustainable practices, we decided to build a lifestyle brand for conscious women who want to look and do good at the same time. Making it clear that comfort, style, sustainability and fair pricing do not have to be mutually exclusive.

We love that your brand is truly founded on principles of sustainability and fairness to help make shopping more consciously accessible to all women. Can you tell us a bit more about what this means to you and why it is important to your brand?

We have a number of criteria to look into before collaborating with any supplier, like the right certifications for the material use, the fair trade and workers environment etc. The most important part for the team is how the people working on our products are treated and in what conditions they are working, followed by the planet aspects, that is wastage, the amount of chemicals used and the origin of our materials. We prioritise the planet and people within. We advocate fair working conditions rewarding everyone adequately for their time and talent.

It is important that we educate, empower and engage who we reach on social media and through any form of marketing on the importance of sustainability and how to identify green initiatives in their own lives. All our products aspire for longevity, a quality consumers now value more as in the pandemic many have increased their awareness of fashion's role in global warming and the importance in shopping for quality not quantity.

We think it’s incredible that you donate 40% of your profits to your impact-driven social entrepreneur school, Business For Planet. Can you tell us a bit more about the impact of your donations?

Business for planet is a programme we founded most recently, due to our mission for business to be much more than profit. We provide free training and mentoring of entrepreneurs and people who want to become one, they come from all over the world. BfP is also a global network of entrepreneurs, alongside the mentoring we also provide funding for the attendees on the BfP programme through Impact Business Investment Group (IBIG). It must become the key driving factor to inspire social responsibility within businesses and a fairer world for the communities within. BfP provides a wealth of useful information and guidance to support new entrepreneurs and help them find their voice whilst giving them the ability to establish long lasting, successful, business relationships and networks that will come to define what social responsibility truly means.

What do you believe has been 1 People’s biggest success so far?

It’s without a doubt experiencing that there is a huge interest in our products which have made it possible for us to grow. The more we expand the more jobs we create at our manufacturers. To see that we make such a direct difference is what we strive to do for millions of people.

What does the future hold for 1 People? 

Following on from recently launching our sustainable sunglasses collection, the most awaited product that we have been working on this year will be our Resort Wear collection. We are also working on some new clothing and accessory items such as loungewear and trainers and we are also aiming to introduce a knitwear capsule for winter 2021.

And of course we hope we can continue to make a big difference to all the people working directly or indirectly for 1 People as well as those seeking sustainable luxury products. And we are not doubting that the Business for Planet project will make our overall vision come true. When more and more businesses place people and planet first, a huge positive difference in the world will be the outcome.


Last updated: January 2022

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