11 Planet-Positive Actions

Here are some actions you can start today which will help reduce your carbon footprint and build a (long term) sustainable future for us all.


Liz de Vries

3/30/2022 2 min read

Key points:

There are a range of things we can all do to start building a better future for the planet and all of its creatures - including humans.

  • Ride, walk or use public transport

  • Go plant based

  • Go renewable

  • Go to a responsible bank

  • Invest for the future

  • Use less power and water

  • Buy what you need

  • Buy sustainably

  • Buy local

  • Grow your own

  • Reconnect with nature

Does the 2022 federal budget, as presented by Australia’s treasurer on 29th March, look beyond the federal election coming up in May? By way of ‘budget response’ we have come up with 11 planet-positive actions you can start doing immediately which will help build a (long term) sustainable future for us all. Some will even help reduce your household expenditure ;-)

1. Ride, walk or use public transport

If you can, walk or ride to school, work or the shops - or use public transport. Active transport and public transport take cars off the road and help your budget with rising fuel prices. Bonus: walking, riding (or running!) to the shops also takes care of some of your exercise :-)

2. Go plant based

A large percentage of global crops are grown to feed the livestock that we humans eat. Our species is deforesting on a devastating scale to grow crops for livestock that will eventually feed us. Eating less meat or no meat at all reduces the pressure we put on the world’s forests. Go meat-free one day a week, or one meal a day. Swap dairy for plant-based milks and cheeses.

3. Go renewable

Take the plunge and get some quotes to have solar panels installed on your roof. Alternatively, switch to a renewable energy provider.

4. Go to a responsible bank

Australians don’t have to bank with the ‘big four’ who are all still investing in destructive industries. It literally takes minutes to open a bank account with one of our ethical banks. Once that’s done, change over any of your automatic payments and you’re done.

5. Invest for the future

Move your super to an ethical superfund. If you own shares, review your portfolio to ensure you invest in companies whose environmental and social governance is in line with yours.

6. Use less power and water

Turn off lights and appliances that are on unnecessarily. Switch off wall sockets too. Think twice if that aircon needs to be on. Shower shorter. Learn how closing doors, curtains and windows can keep warmth in and heat out.

7. Buy what you need

Does buying all that ‘stuff’ make us happy? If we think twice about the things we want to buy before we actually head to the checkout, we might end up with fewer items we don’t really need.

8. Buy sustainably

There are sustainably made alternatives for just about any household product now; made to reuse, renew and recycle.

9. Buy local

Support your own community an buy locally made or grown products or produce. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a really good food system that supports local farmers.

10. Grow your own

Growing your own herbs, veggies and fruits in your yard, on your balcony or even on your kitchen bench, reduces the need for produce to be packaged and transported.

11. Reconnect with nature

Notice birds, insects and other creatures. Notice the sky, the sunrise, the colour of leaves. Listen to the waves roll on to the beach. Our planet is beautiful and we need to protect it.

Images via Canva and Unsplash