A New Direction for Sustainable Marketplace

Our rebrand from Sustainable Marketplace to Everything Sustainable has been a while in the making so we’re excited to finally be here, and even more thrilled you’re here with us!


Liz de Vries

2/2/2022 2 min read

Key points: 
  • We’re narrowing our focus. As a go-to information hub for sustainability, we want to help you find and live your change.

  • We want to connect conscious consumers with each other; consumers with sustainable businesses; and sustainable businesses with each other.

  • Each month will see a different edit. This month it’s sustainable fashion and in March we’re zooming in all things mind & body.


How quickly some things change! Until now you may have known us as Sustainable Marketplace, or if you’re new here (firstly, hello and welcome!) you may be wondering a bit about our back story.

We ‘decommissioned’ the Sustainable Marketplace website in December last year. Although we loved the idea of a creating a sustainability marketplace and were proud to bring together nearly eighty gorgeous sustainable brands and stores on one website, towards the end of 2021 we realised that we were trying to be too many things and decided we needed a more focused approach. (Plus, truth be told, being a marketplace didn’t come naturally. Retail is one tough gig!)

The part of Sustainable Marketplace we always really enjoyed (and had been most excited about when we first thought of building a sustainability community), was the collating and presenting of information for a broad audience. A go-to hub. With that in mind we decided to go back to basics and turn ourselves into an information-based business.

Our rebrand to Everything Sustainable

Which leads us to now, where we are excited to introduce you to our brand new Everything Sustainable website!

We’ve got a new name to cover our different approach, a fresh but similar look to the one we loved at Sustainable Marketplace, and pretty much the same goal as before: to help make sustainability mainstream. Everything Sustainable is a go-to place for sustainability, providing the broadest range of information to the widest possible audience.

We have a vision of Everything Sustainable being a busy beehive where conscious consumers and businesses can connect, collaborate and inspire one another; source news and knowledge, exchange ideas, and offer support.

Each month will see a different edit. We kick off with sustainable fashion this February, and will focus on all things mind & body in March. If you’re a business owner and want to join our community of sustainable brands, don’t hesitate to let us know. You can send us a quick note using the contact us page. If you want to read up on how we select our brands first, check the article in the website footer.

If you have knowledge to share with our customers feel free to get in touch as well. We love to hear from experts in the field.

We believe change is a conscious decision and want to inform and inspire anyone who wants to know more about sustainability, regardless of whether they’re just setting off, or have been on their eco-friendly journey for a while.

So, welcome! We’re delighted you’re here and hope we can be a part of your journey to finding your change, and living your change.