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The idea of arōmaLEAF was inspired by its founder's love of nature and her memories of growing up in the bush in Western Australia.

Five Minutes With arōmaLEAF

Inspired by a deep love of nature and a childhood surrounded by trees, arōmaLEAF designs eco-friendly diffusers to help give people the choice of what they breathe in. Made from 100% recycled materials, the arōmaLEAF diffuser uses essential oils to provide fresh air and the ability to take nature with you wherever you go. 

We sat down with Renee, the creator and owner of arōmaLEAF to chat about the inspiration behind the design of her gorgeous diffusers and the abundance of benefits that come with incorporating essential oils into your daily life. We loved hearing Renee’s inspiring personal story and learning a bit more about her passion for creating sustainable, eco-friendly products.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started arōmaLEAF?

My name is Renee and I am the inventor, creator/owner at arōmaLEAF. I am a local start-up business in Western Australia that's been going since 2017. I grew up in Denmark which is a great little town and lived on 100 acres where I rode horses, climbed trees, and spent lots of time making cubby houses and being surrounded by trees. Denmark W.A, is home to some of the largest trees in Australia, as it is close to the famous 'Valley of the Giants'. The idea of arōmaLEAF was inspired by nature and my love of growing up in the bush, surrounded by trees. I even used to draw a leaves border for all my project cover pages. The initial idea started when I felt the need to have my essential oils with me while I travelled, in my car and during a holiday to Bali. Sadly, I had just suffered my 3rd miscarriage, in 3 years, this time with IVF and I was not in a good space emotionally and I was physically drained after having to go into hospital twice. My oils were such a great emotional support at this time. My husband, stepdaughter and I took some well-needed 'timeout' to Lembongan, an island off Bali. I couldn't take all my oils with me (that would need another carry-on!) and wanted something better to diffuse my oils in my car, that would look great to everyone, and would also diffuse oils well. I started with a (really bad) drawing of a leaf...

We love the inspiration behind arōmaLEAF, can you tell us a bit more about the benefits of essential oils and why you chose to use them when creating your products?

I have always loved natural smells and really disliked synthetic ones...So I have really connected with the smell of pure essential oils over the years. I love that they are multipurpose! They are no longer just your smelly 'hippy oils'...You can use them to freshen and clean with, as a natural perfume, support emotions, and even to help support immune, respiratory or even gut health. I had such incredible experiences using these pure essential oils, for me and my family, that I had to have them everywhere with my car, on my holiday, and they were solving some simple everyday problems eg. helping to repel mosquitos and uplift the mood while travelling, while all being natural and smelling nice too! There were these little round things or hanging diffusers but they just didn't work very well...the surface area did not allow the essential oil to flow through the I decided to create my own and it had to be eco.

Why was creating sustainable, eco-friendly products important to you?

Well, I think because I am a bit of a hippy at heart. I was always the one in my family who taught everyone about how to recycle. As a primary school teacher, I would always integrate sustainability themes into the year, and even so much as my class would have a Sustainable House display at the Science Fair. I was always getting recycling into schools and a member of the sustainability committee and would manage the Green Team leaders too. It's just an in-built part of me. I am not sure where it came from. I feel that it always has been something I feel very passionate about.

What do you believe has been arōmaLEAF’s biggest success so far?

Probably just getting my little 'bad drawing' of a leaf on paper to the actual product you see was a really crazy thing to do...many were like... 'You're inventing what? Why would you do that?' But it was just something that I had to do. I felt totally obsessed and compelled to create this eco-car diffuser. I think it distracted me in a really positive way too...

What does the future hold for arōmaLEAF?

I am expanding into more eco products that are fair trade and looking at more plastic-free options that support local businesses. I love to help smaller brands, like me, to give them a go and work together to create good business. I am looking into a retail store where I live down south WA and would love to also host workshops there to show how people can make simple DIY natural, eco cleaning or body products. But in the long term, I want to invent more eco diffusers that I have already designed...Watch this space!

Last updated: March 2022

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