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Disposable menstrual care products are just not good enough!

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Are you new to the idea of reusable period care? DivaCup’s website answers all your questions!

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Five Minutes with DivaCup

DivaCup is a period-positive brand that has been challenging the status quo since 2003, by improving the menstrual care game through their creation of comfortable and waste-reducing menstrual cups. Now available in 22 countries globally, DivaCup is committed to encouraging real change for everyone who menstruates as the Diva team knows that traditional, disposable menstrual care products are just not good enough. 

We sat down with Carinne, the co-founder of DivaCup, to chat a bit more about how her mother’s life-long search for a better, more comfortable and environmentally friendly solution to period care led them to creating the DivaCup together. Keep on reading to find out how the DivaCup has revolutionised period care, and why opening up the conversation around alternative, sustainable period care methods is oh so important.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started DivaCup?

Although we launched DivaCup in 2002, the story really begins with my mom – Francine Chambers. She grew up with limited options for period care, mostly relying on bulky sanitary belts that made most physical activities nearly impossible. Even at a young age, she knew there had to be a better way. At 13 years old, she even conceived the idea of a cup that could collect menstrual flow, rather than absorb it. To her delight (and frustration), in 1992 she discovered that menstrual cups did exist. It took her decades to discover the product existed, compounded by the fact that it was difficult to find and was generally left out of the conversation around menstrual care.

But my mom turned her frustration into action and set out on a mission to dedicate her life to letting everyone know this amazing solution exists.

We designed the DivaCup as a modern spin on this concept that dated back to the 1930’s. We set out on a mission to help people all over the world live a life without limits with the DivaCup. 

We love that you have long provided a better, healthier alternative for period care. What do you believe are the most beneficial aspects of using a DivaCup?

Aside from being a reusable product, a game-changer in itself, you can leave the DivaCup in for up to 8 hours, which is longer than disposable menstrual products. They are easy to clean, maintain and store as well as being able to handle a variety of flow levels. The DivaCup is the sustainable, ecofriendly, and financially friendly option. No more running to the pharmacy every month.

We also find that people get more in touch with their bodies once they use the DivaCup. There is a huge shift when you go from disposing of your pads and tampons after use, to connecting with your body and your flow in a more holistic way.

Why was creating a sustainable, eco-friendly product important to you?

While developing the DivaCup, my mom and I recognized the need for effective, sustainable period care. Being the first reusable menstrual cup widely available on the market, we were not responders to the reusable menstrual care category, instead we created it. We saw a need that we ourselves had, and met it.

Having a better period experience meant completely changing the way we understand periods. Part of that conversation was changing attitudes around the environmental impact of period care. We fought tirelessly against an industry that was focused on disposables, and for us, creating a sustainable product meant looking forward to the future. Our legacy was to leave a more sustainable industry and world for the next generation – and provide an effective solution that actually works!

What do you believe has been DivaCup’s biggest success so far?

I would say this answer is two-fold. Over our twenty-year journey, we always hear from our

customers that our products have revolutionized their lives and the way they relate to their bodies. But also, our social impact program, DivaCares, seeks to alleviate the experience of period poverty all over the world and being able to do meaningful work is something I have always considered a success.

On a larger scale, establishing the category for reusable menstrual care in the industry and opening the conversation around alternative, sustainable period care methods has been a great success not just for the DivaCup but for people who menstruate everywhere. Becoming the leading company in menstrual cups while staying true to our mission of helping people live a life without limits has been my greatest accomplishment.

What does the future hold for DivaCup?

We have some exciting things on the horizon to bring some amazing value to our loyal DivaCup users! Diva has been responsible for significant growth and innovation in the category, and we will continue to strive to bring this same spirit for future growth. Keep an eye on us and our exciting announcements and offerings – can’t say too much else yet!

Last updated: January 2022

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