How we select our brands

We look at these six areas of sustainability.

All the brands you see on Everything Sustainable focus on sustainability in the following six areas:

Shipping & post packaging
Business governance
Ingredients & materials
Product & production
Product packaging

As you’re browsing our website, you’ll soon see that you’re in pretty awesome company: all the brands and stores you find here are consciously and decisively working towards a better future for the planet. They all contribute to our shared knowledge of sustainability - each in their own unique way - with quality, innovative and genuinely sustainable products and services, and with a willingness to help others along the journey.

You may have wondered what criteria we use to select the brands on our website - how we know that they are genuinely sustainable and don’t resort to greenwashing.

Before they join us we ask all our brands to provide details about the sustainability of their products and business operations. And while we don’t rate the brands on the website, we do ask them to nominate the three sustainability areas they most focus on. Which, by the way, is not really a fair thing to ask - most of them focus on all of the listed areas.

However, nominating their top three helps create a first impression for you, and we think you might appreciate that.

These are the questions we ask:

Are their products and is their production sustainable?

Are products locally made? Are they made in small batches, or has the business adopted zero/ minimal waste practices? Is the business certified carbon neutral?

To what extent are products reusable, and durable? Can they be easily repaired and recycled? Does the business offer a repair service? Does it participate in an industry recycling program?

Are the ingredients and materials used sustainable?

Are they fair trade, free from toxic chemicals, locally grown or produced, made from recycled material, organic, vegan friendly or zero plastic? You get the drift.

Is the product packaging sustainable?

Is it recyclable, made from recycled material, home compostable, zero plastic, minimal?

How does the business ensure shipping and post packaging are sustainable?

Is shipping carbon neutral? Is their post packaging recyclable, made from recycled material, home compostable, zero plastic, minimal?


Do the products and ingredients or materials have any certifications, such as certified organic, certified palm oil free, certified rPET, or certified home compostable?

Business Governance

We ask our brands if they adhere to good governance practices - are they accountable, transparent, inclusive and responsible?

Do they know who makes their products, and have they put policies in place to ensure the team who make the products are fairly remunerated and supported?

Does the business support, or are they a member of, any organisations that support the environment and work towards climate change mitigation? 

Keep in mind there’s no such thing as perfection

Not yet anyway. Sustainable practices are always developing and we at Everything Sustainable have made it our mission to help the push to make sustainability mainstream. We don’t expect perfection but rather believe we’re all on a shared journey of continuous improvement.

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