Mikkoa yoga mat

Nature inspired, earth friendly yoga mats and beach towels.

Yoga mats, travel yoga mats and beach towels with pretty patterns, Mikkoa's conscious living products are perfect for a beach or travel lifestyle - whether it's for practising yoga or just enjoying a relaxed day at the beach.

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Woman doing yoga
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Mikkoa beach towel
Five Minutes with Mikkoa

Mikkoa is an Australian born lifestyle brand with a range of nature-inspired and earth-friendly travel yoga mats and beach towels.

From the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Mikkoa's founders Zoe and Viv take their inspiration from Mother Nature and their love of the great outdoors. Mikkoa's conscious living products are perfect for a beach or travel lifestyle - whether it's for practising yoga or just enjoying a relaxed day at the beach. We loved hearing their story.

Mikkoa is a global brand with humble Australian beginnings. Can you tell us a bit more about Mikkoa’s history – when and how did the brand start and what have been some highlights so far?

Mikkoa was born out of our love for nature and the outdoors. We launched Mikkoa in 2018 with our nature inspired travel yoga mats which can be used to practise yoga anywhere. 

We thought it was fitting with our life goals where we could travel and work from anywhere and have since not turned back. Last year we also launched a new line of our Sand Free Beach towels, which again is all about travelling and enjoying the outdoors.

We love the idea of a travel yoga mat. How do travel mats differ from regular yoga mats and how did you come up with the idea for a travel mat?

Travel yoga mats are much lighter than regular yoga mats and can be folded to fit into a carry-on bag when travelling. For yogis who love to travel and don’t have space for a regular mat, a Travel Yoga Mat is the perfect solution. The mat can also be used a topper on yoga mats or exercise mats at the gym. It's easy to carry with you.

Are you noticing an increase in the demand for eco-friendly, sustainable products? Do you think sustainability is becoming less niche, more mainstream?

Absolutely, we are always being asked about the materials that our yoga mats and beach towels are made of, which points towards the increase in demand for eco-friendly and sustainable products. 

We believe that sustainability is still on the cusp of becoming mainstream and we need to provide more education to the broader market on the negative effects of waste, pollution, deforestation, climate change and other important topics.

What do you think has been your biggest achievement with Mikkoa so far? Any future plans for Mikkoa you can give us a sneak peek of?

Our biggest achievement so far has been going global and being able to offer our unique travel yoga mats to everyone in the world that wants to travel and practise yoga no matter where they go.

We're very excited about having launched our new range of sand free beach towels that are made from post-consumer recycled fabrics. We've been working hard to find sustainable materials for our products and are delighted that we can offer a beach towel that is made from recycled fabric. 

You’re planting a tree for every sale. Why is being involved in a tree planting program important to you and how does the program work?

It’s going back to our love for nature and being outdoors. Deforestation is a huge issue with more and more forest being cut down every minute. It’s our small way of giving back by planting a tree for every sale we get.

Just a couple of quick questions to finish:

 What’s your favourite eco-product 

We love the Bamboo Toothbrushes from Ekoroo. They add a pop of colour to our morning routine and are made well.

Easiest plastic-free swap? 

Our easiest and best plastic-free swap has been using reusable bottles for our body wash, hand wash and shampoo. You can easily refill from a bulk food/organic store near you and save so much of plastic waste.

Any tough swaps or changes for you to make?

 Plastic packaging that comes along with some of our favourite food items from grocery stores.

Last updated: January 2022

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