Never Say Die - Six Hassle Free Indoor Plants

Love a good plant but you lack a green thumb? Here are six indoor plants that you can confidently bring home knowing they’re (almost) impossible to kill.


Liz de Vries

12/9/2021 3 min read

If the past two years have brought us one good thing it's got to be our renewed passion for indoor plants. They're literally everywhere! And in their gorgeous baskets and cute ceramic pots of all colours and shapes, we just can't get enough of them.

But plants - especially larger ones - can be quite an investment. Plus, they can be so fussy it's almost impossible to keep them alive, let alone get them to thrive.

So here are six or our favourite green babies. They're so easy to look after, even we've found it impossible to kill them. With minimal fuss, these plants will decorate your home for years and years.

1.    Spider plant

A golden oldie, the spider plant is so easy to look after that all you need to do is not let it get too soggy, which would kill the root bulbs. Spider plants can be green or variegated, will thrive both indoors and in the garden, and look stunning in a hanging basket or on a plant stand.

In spring the plant grows tiny white flowers on long stems, which eventually develop into baby plants (spiderettes) that you can plant and grow into more spider plants.

Variegated spider plants in pots.
2.   Zanzibar Gem

This lovely dark green plant with its glossy leaves is a true low maintenance champ! It tolerates low light situations quite well (making it the perfect office plant!) and can go without water for weeks. Definitely don’t over-pamper the Zanzibar Gem. Let the soil go completely dry before you water again.

Zanzibar gem in a terracotta pot.
3.   Sansevieria

AKA snake plant, or mother-in-law tongue. Of all our favourites, this one undoubtedly has the best name. Sansevieria has tall, quite rigid upright foliage and is very neglect-tolerant. It will even grow ‘pups’, making it very easy to propagate. Place mother-in-law tongue in indirect light and allow its soil to go dry in between watering.

Sansevieria plants.
4.     Peace lily

Large dark green foliage and once a year a show of gorgeous white flowers. The peace lily is a classic indoor plant, which will grow well in a medium to low light position. But water her only if her soil is dry. As the peace lilly's leaves eventually become dusty, she will definitely benefit from a gentle wipe with a soft damp cloth.

Peace Lilly.
5.     Fiddle leaf fig

The Fiddle Leaf can grow quite tall so find it a spot with room to reach up. And avoid hot afternoon sun, otherwise the leaves might burn and go brown. To encourage the fiddle leaf to grow straight, rotate the plant (pot and all) 90 degrees once a month. If it gets too tall, simply cut off the top. It’s super easy to grow a fiddle leaf from that cutting. Just place it in a glass jar filled with water. Refresh the water regularly and after a few weeks you’ll see the first new roots beginning to sprout.

Fiddle leaf fig.
6.     Monstera

The monstera, or Swiss cheese plant, is definitely our favourite of the bunch. A gorgeous 70s retro plant with big glossy leaves, the monstera fits easily into any decor, whether small with only one or two stems and leaves, or as a big indoor jungle ‘monster’.

Most nurseries, DIY stores, and markets have a great collection of indoor plants at the moment. Enjoy yours!

Monstera in a basket.