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Kindness to self, the skin and to the world around us. One of a Kind are the creators of award winning skincare, which is proudly made in Australia. The brand has a strong focus on kindness and generosity towards others, supporting charities whenever they can.

One of a Kind prioritise the following three sustainability areas:

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Five Minutes with One of a Kind

Based in Sydney, One of a Kind is a conscious self-care brand combining the urban influence of its surroundings with their love for natural, sustainably sourced ingredients to create unique soaps, bath and skincare products. Made from organic and vegan ingredients with minimal packaging, One of a Kind’s products are not only kind to our bodies but also kind to the environment. On top of prioritising kindness to ourselves and the environment, One of a Kind aims to give back to their community through The Kind Project by donating a portion of their sales to support small and local charities.

We sat down with Rawan, the founder of One of a Kind, to chat a bit more about her passion for clean skincare products and why kindness is a core value of the brand. We absolutely loved learning more about how One of a Kind’s products are ethically and sustainably made with the environment and the importance of self-care rituals at the forefront of their product design. Keep on reading to learn more about Rawan’s story and the incredible work she is doing with One of a Kind.

 Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started One of a Kind?

I am Rawan the founder of One of A Kind, I have such a passion for clean skincare products, whether that be bath bombs, soap or facial skincare products and I started my little business because I saw there weren't many products that were super clean but also sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible. So I wanted to bring that to my customers and my life. For me my business is really more than selling products, it is also nurturing a community that cares for one another, the environment and the world. It is really bringing kindness as a centre of our life because the world is so fast paced and we all need kindness.

We absolutely love that your core value is to be kind to yourself, to each other and to the world. Can you tell us a bit more about why this is so important to you and how you incorporate these values into The Kind Project?

 The Kind Project is a little passion project that ties into our business, basically we choose a different charity each month and donate proceeds from sales to the charity. It is our way of giving back but also our way of allowing the customer to feel empowered knowing that their purchase has made a difference in the world. The charities we choose are selected also to help raise awareness about important issues in the world such as women’s homelessness, environmental issues and we also support cancer charities and countries that are in war or impacted by poverty. It is really important to me to have the kind project running even as a start-up business and sales aren't too high because I believe when we are kind to the world it will come back, I just believe that. I truly know that. "We are all like cells in the body of humanity" (Peace Pilgrim) is the concept I live by and that is why the Kind Project is so important to me and my customers.

 Can you tell us a bit more about how your products are ethically and sustainably made? 

One of A Kind Skincare ensures we are ethical and sustainable through implementing the following: our products are manufactured in Australia and all our products are made in small batches. Our products contain natural ingredients and are vegan, we also use organic ingredients where possible. Our products contain naturally derived ingredients, some ingredients are sourced from Australia and are grown naturally and free from any chemicals and pesticides. Under no circumstances do we perform animal testing or even condone this kind of barbaric outdated practise, we are 100% animal cruelty free. Under no circumstances do we ever use child labour or exploit or take advantage of human beings or living things during any stage of our business. We do not use sulphates, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic colours or synthetic fragrances. Instead we use kind ingredients such as essential oils and naturally derived ingredients. Our whole brand is based on kindness, we love and value our customers and we encourage the principles of being kind in all aspects of life.

 Since you first launched last year, what do you believe has been One of a Kind's biggest success so far?

We are so proud to say that we have established our business in June 2020 and we have supported 10 charities and counting! Charities are carefully selected, most charities we have supported are small local charities as we believe in helping small and local as they are often overlooked and have important causes and messages. The charities we have supported include Women's Community Shelters, MATW Project, The Orangutan Project, Children's Cancer Foundation and Gift A Smile. All charities reflect our values of helping the community, third world countries and the environment.

What does the future hold for One of a Kind?

We are excited to support more charities and help more women to feel better in their own skin by using amazing, quality products that are clean and low tox. We are so looking forward to more growth and slowly expanding our dream business.


Last updated: February 2022

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