Six ways to move out sustainably

Moving out for the first time? Congratulations on this exciting milestone! We know moving house can quickly become an overwhelming task but think of it as a great opportunity to green your life.


Kira Barker

12/9/2021 3 min read

So, you’re moving out for the first time? Firstly, congratulations on this exciting milestone that you’ve reached! Secondly, we know moving out can quickly become an overwhelming task but (take a deep breath) think of it as a great chance to have a fresh start, not only location wise but also as an opportunity to start living more sustainably.

Whilst we’re no moving-out experts, we definitely have a passion for sustainability and making sure that we are all doing our bit to help reduce our footprint on the planet. To help you out, we’ve created our very own ‘moving out checklist’ and collated some of our best tips for how you can move out sustainably.

1. Declutter, donate, and sell.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Before you move out you should do a deep purge of things you no longer need or use. Rather than throwing these items out try to donate or sell them, and only take things you really need into your new place.

2.    Before purchasing new homewares, check your
local op shops or online marketplaces

It doesn’t require too much savviness to find some great second-hand furniture, crockery, glassware, cutlery and other home goods in your local op shop, markets, or online via Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree. Not only will this help you save some cash, but it is also a great way to support the circular economy and help stop these items from ending up in landfill. Also, don’t hesitate to take up the ever-growing offers from friends and family on items they’re oh so happy to give you (Grandma, we’re looking at you!)

3.   Make the switch to eco-friendly cleaning products

Unfortunately, moving out probably means that you’re going to be responsible for cleaning your space as well. Although I’m sure we’re not the first ones to break this tragic news to you, we’re also here to help you make great eco-friendly choices when it comes to buying cleaning products (that’s a win, right?). We’re going to veto the idea of purchasing cleaning products filled with environmentally damaging chemicals, and strongly suggest opting for more natural options. There's a heap of good products available these days. Check our Home & Living pages for options.

4.     Break up with single use plastics (for good!)

We all know break ups are hard, but there are seriously so many other fish in the sea (aka great plastic-free alternatives) to make your break-up with single use plastics just a little easier. Let’s say goodbye to cling wrap and single-use plastic bags for good, and hello to beeswax wraps, reusable food bags, and containers. Here are some of our favourite alternatives to single-use plastic:

  • Beeswax wraps (check brands such as EnviroCask and Beeutiful).

  • Reusable food containers from for instance Uppercup.

  • Produce bags and bulk food bags. We love Onya.

5.     Support brands who give a crap

Look, we’re not here to dictate what brands you should or should not support. But if you’re after our advice (I mean you are reading our blog), we recommend supporting Australian brands who also care about the environment. Our personal favourites include Who Gives a Crap for toilet paper and tissues, and the fan-favourite Koala if you are in need of new furniture pieces. Luckily for you, there are sustainable options for pretty much any item you may need to purchase when moving out!

6.     Don't forget the BIG stuff

Some of the bigger decisions you'll be making can actually have a really positive effect on your carbon footprint. We're thinking:

  • Need to open a new bank account? Take your business to a responsible bank.

  • Buy your power from a green electricity provider (check Greenpeace's Green Electricity Guide).

  • Does your new place demand you to have a car, or will you be living close to public transport?

  • Can you walk or ride to the shops, restaurants, etc?