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Fun Fact: The idea for Swedish Stockings first came about after founders Linn and Nadja watched a documentary about planned obsolescence called The Lightbulb Conspiracy.  

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Five minutes with Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings was founded by Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg, with the aim of changing and influencing the entire industry towards sustainable production. To achieve this, Swedish Stockings produces hosiery made from recycled yarn and uses environmentally friendly dyes to create their beautifully unique products. Going beyond creating environmentally sustainable products, Swedish Stockings focuses on responsibility by providing complete transparency throughout the production chain all the way to the end consumer.

We sat down with the team at Swedish Stockings to chat a bit more about what sustainability and responsibility means to them, and why they have the vision of becoming the world’s first circular hosiery brand. We absolutely loved chatting with the Swedish Stockings team and learning more about where the idea of changing the entire hosiery industry came from, and how we can all become more conscious consumers.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started Swedish Stockings?

The idea came from the documentary film "the light bulb conspiracy" - it's about how products are being designed in order to age quickly to boost consumption. They brought up tights in this film, a product that once was exclusive and women left it to tailors in order to repair it. Today it’s women's number one wear and tear clothing item. The hosiery industry as we know it is very traditional, outdated and a major source of pollution. Pantyhose are women's biggest consumable garment, which is also incredibly harmful to the environment. We thought tights were a boring product for women to buy and we wanted to make it more attractive in many ways. From the start our mission has been to change and influence the entire hosiery industry.

Can you tell us a bit more about how your products are made and what sets them apart from traditional pantyhose products?

Each year, two billion pairs of tights are produced, worn once and then discarded. This makes the textile industry the second most polluting industry in the world. Landfills everywhere are full of poorly made and cheap non-biodegradable textiles - and it’s getting worse. 

Swedish Stockings has a vision of being the world’s first circular hosiery brand. Meaning we want to be able to produce a new pair of tights from an old pair. As of now, we are not quite there yet. However, we are looking at new ways to produce our hosiery, researching new materials and production methods and are also researching how we can make the full circle one day soon. Meanwhile, we continue to produce our products from recycled and innovative materials including recycling all tights we can get our hands on.

We love that for Swedish Stockings, sustainability is about more than just your environmental impact. How have you started to prioritise focusing on the human rights aspect of sustainability?

We have changed our focus word sustainability to responsibility because we see that we have a responsibility to all aspects of the human life and not only the environment. So we work with different human rights organisations like Kvinna til Kvinna for example.

What would be your best advice for consumers looking to make more ethically responsible purchases?

Think before you buy and throw something away. Can the tear be fixed? If not, recycle, and look at the production behind each new purchase you make.

What does the future hold for Swedish Stockings?

Our goal is to someday make new tights from old one, that’s the future. And expanding the knowledge about our consumption.

Last updated: January 2022

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