Tips & Tricks

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No time to endlessly browse or read? Let us share some quick tips and tricks to help you navigate your sustainable journey. This month we’re focusing on fashion.

Clothing on a chair and hanger.
Invest in quality not quantity

Look to invest in buying high quality and ethically made clothing pieces, over purchasing poor quality fast fashion pieces.

Person packing clothing in a box.
Buy second hand, swap or rent

Extending the life of clothing can be done by purchasing second hand, swapping items with friends, or renting pieces for that special occasion. So many options available these days!

Hand holding up white fabric.
Choose sustainable fashion materials

Opt for materials such as regenerated cotton, organic cotton, regenerated wool, hemp, organic linen, TENCEL or Pinatex.

Two people discussing clothing from a rack.
Shop your own wardrobe first

Love what you already have. Before purchasing new clothing items, try to shop your own wardrobe first and wear the clothes you already own.

Tan coloured cotton tote.
Get creative with old fabric

Have old fabric, clothing, sheets, or towels? Why not get creative and repurpose them to make new clothing, cushion covers, or a fun accessory!

Woman holding a white t shirt on a hanger.
Buy less and buy local

Buying less clothing is one of the best ways you can become a more conscious fashion consumer. And if you do need to buy something new, why not opt for locally and ethically made clothes?

Ochre fabric and a pair of scissors
Sew your own clothes

Using second hand fabric to sew your own clothes is a great way to give a new life to something that may otherwise have ended up as waste.

Washing machine being loaded.
Keep an eye on your washing

Wear your clothes more than once, air and spot clean them between washes, use green detergent, use cold water, avoid half loads and only use that tumble dryer sparingly. Better for your clothes and for the planet.