Tips & Tricks

No time to endlessly browse or read? Let us share some quick tips and tricks to help you navigate your sustainable journey. This month we’re focusing on fashion.

REDcycle soft plastics

Both Woolworths and Coles have a REDcycle drop off point for your soft plastics. Check the website for what can and can’t be ‘REDcycled’.

Use your take away cup

During the lockdowns we almost lost the habit of bringing our own. Are you using your reusable take away cup again?

Use your reusable bags

Store your shopping basket, bags and produce bags in a location where you know you won’t forget them. Near your car keys?

NEVER buy bottled water

Many people still don’t recycle their bought water bottles. Get yourself a steel drinkbottle and byo tap water, always!

Buy second-hand

Browse op shops, markets and online marketplaces for second-hand household items and furniture to save yourself some dollars and create a homely atmosphere that is uniquely yours.

Detox your cleaning products

Don’t clean with toxic chemicals. Most of our cleaning can be done with less harmful ingredients, such as vinegar, baking soda, salt, olive oil and essential oils.

Use less power and water

Turn off lights and appliances. Switch off wall sockets too. Think twice if that aircon needs to be on. Shower shorter. Learn how closing doors, curtains and windows can keep warmth in and heat out.

Buy only what you need

Does buying all that ‘stuff’ make us happy? If we think twice about the things we want to buy before we actually head to the checkout, we might end up with fewer items we don’t really need.