Tips & Tricks

No time to endlessly browse or read? Let us share some quick tips and tricks to help you navigate your sustainable journey. This month we’re focusing on fashion.

Love your local library

The cheapest and most sustainable reading option for bookworms would have to be the local library, with thousands of titles that can be borrowed many times.

Go solid

Solid shampoo and conditioner bars eliminate the need for plastic packaging and because they contain 80% less water than bottled products require less space and energy during transport (and are therefore less polluting than bottled products)

Consider active transport

If you walk and ride instead of drive, you’re exercising while you’re doing your daily chores and adtivites. Think walking children to school, walking or riding to the supermarket, riding to your friend’s place for a cuppa.

Buy beauty reusables

Conjac sponges, organic cotton cleansing pads, silicon swabs and soft organic muslin face wipes are all reusable, eliminating a heap of single use waste.

Break up with plastic

More and more skincare products are 100% plastic free. Check out the various brands on our website, and buy the products at your favourite eco or bulk food store, or market.

Buy better sunscreen

Buy reef safe, ocean friendly sunscreen. There are some truly sustainable, zero plastic products out there, even tinted ones.

Use soap savers

Use soap savers to finish off those tiny bits of your soap, shampoo or conditioner bar. Available in a variety of materials and colours from most eco stores.

Simplify your routine

Consider buying products that serve multiple purposes, such as argan oil, which can be used on your face, body and hair. Or your conditioner bar, which also works as your shaving bar.

Switch to period reusables

Pads and tampons need up to 800 years to degrade in landfill. Using reusable pads, period undies and period cups not only eliminates unnecessary waste going to landfill - if you consider price per use, they work out cheaper for you as well.

Buy certified palm oil free

Buy personal care products that are certified palm oil free to help reduce the pressure we humans put on the habitats of some of the world’s endangered and near extinct animals.