Affordable, sustainable swimwear for surfers and watersports lovers all over the world.

ULU Swim and Surf is widely recognised in all six areas of sustainability but their top three focus areas are:


Fun Fact

ULU SWIM + SURF was inspired by the founders backpacking trip round Asia and the surf spots of Europe. The brand wanted to encompass the relaxed lifestyle of surfers and beauty of nature. 

About the brand

ULU was created with a vision: to create affordable, sustainable swimwear for surfers and watersports lovers all over the world.

The brand strives to be inclusive; it’s all about feeling empowered to try something new, feeling confident and doing what makes you happy. ULU wants to promote body positivity by focusing on how incredible our bodies are rather than what they look like.

Their swimwear is designed to be comfortable when surfing or doing water sports - with no embellishments or uncomfortable clasps, it’s made from super soft, high performance fabric. Designs are flattering and stylish. 

Sustainability is at the heart of ULU’s vision and the brand aims to minimise their environmental footprint and ensure they’re not contributing to the pollution and waste problem. Fabrics are made of 100% regenerated plastic waste and are free from toxic dyes. ULU is a carbon neutral company and only produces small batches to mimimise waste and avoid clearance sales. The company has a carbon offset program. 

ULU uses sustainable product packaging including certified home compostable bags and recycled tissue paper. Their aim is to minimise packaging used, whilst also maintaining their brand identity and quality. 

The brand was born in the summer of 2020, inspired by founder Juliet’s experience in the surfing community - when she realised swimwear options were incredibly limited, very expensive and rarely sustainably made.

ULU’s brand name originates from Uluwatu, a famous surfers paradise in Bali. After graduating Juliet worked in London for a while but then took a chance to travel and learn a new skill. All of ULU’s colours, fabrics and brand images are inspired by the beautiful places Juliet has visited all over the world and the people she’s met along the way.

Last updated: January 2022

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