Moving mountains, not making them

Upparel wants to lead the textile industry towards a more circular model and offers various innovative recycling and upcycling services for the textile industry as well as consumers.

Previously pioneering subscription socks and underwear, in recent times Upparel became so concerned with the enormous impact of textiles on our world, they decided to move away from making clothes and instead focus on shaping the circular economy through their circular fashion model.

Upparel want to find ways to extend the product life of textiles and stop them from going to landfill. They now upcycle all sorts of textiles into quality, useful products, and also support a growing number of organisations and charities on their journey to sustainability and circularity. 

Upparel have the capability to extend or redefine the life of unwanted textiles. They don't ‘dump’ or send textiles off-shore. They offer innovative industry and consumer programs that make upcycling easy and rewarding.

These programs include:

  • Stock recycling: recycling clothing brands' unused, unsold stock.

  • Reuse: rehoming pre-loved clothing

  • Upcircle: a collaboration with brands who want to offer their communities rewards for recycling their clothing.

  • Upcycling and repurposing: create new products (with a redefined purpose) from items that are no longer fit for use.

Upparel's philosophy is that we are all learning together; blaming and shaming is unnecessary. However, we must make a difference and now is the time to stand up for future generations.

Last updated: March 2022

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